About Us

Controlling Life and Accomplishing Goals

     At Blue Leaf Education we believe that everyone can be be creative and live a life that is full of prosperity, and our mission is to do just that.  

     Blue Leaf Education was created with the vision that the new generation of Cosmetologist, Barbers and Estheticians can transform the industry.  Blue Leaf Education focuses on consistency as well as teaching the importance of communication.  Like all of you, the founder of Blue Leaf education was once a student who became  a licensed professional, business owner, and published Author.  BLE knows  your career starts the day of enrollment.  She created a yet effective road-map to guide you through your new journey.  The Goal is to send you soaring and the daily task create consistency which will lead you to create great  habits that lead to success.  

Knowledge to Empower

Blue Leaf  Education teaches the importance of consistency and accountability when succeeding in life.  Our life planning service focuses on empowering and holding oneself responsible for their journey, The importance of  branding and continuing education are crucial when advancement is involved.   By providing the basic roadmaps to success our team aims to guide clients towards their goals and aspiration.

Our Partners